Website Traffic

Website Traffic

SEO is KING, now!

However, it’s so mind blowing the OEM’s demands on Dealer Principles / Owner’s and GM’s; besides the financial pressure (millions of dollars) to have the latest dealership / storefront image. I would think your digital drive-by-traffic would be the most important investment tool a dealership could make. Most recent case studies show over 90% of shoppers go visit your website before walking onto your lot. It’s your BEST salesperson and representative of who you are. Yes, you’ve to play within the OEM’s (sand box) with their rules and regulations.

So, I ask you a couple simple questions

Are you dominating the SEO game in your market?

Website traffic up or down this year?

Sales leads up or down this year?

Conversation Rate up or down this year?

What’s percentage of your gross sales vs advertising cost per unit?

DMS can help increase all your above matrix and decrease your monthly advertising budget.

We Know Digital!